Reflections from a therapist in East London #1 – How do I instantly start to wow you to read?

Reflections from a therapist in East London #1 – How do I instantly start to wow you to read?

Stuart Alderton

Counsellor/Therapist/EMDR Therapist for individuals and couples in Forest Gate, East London

therapist in east londonWhere and how do I start that is the question in writing a blog asks a Therapist in East London?

I have been a therapist in East London a counsellor and couples counsellor and more recently an EMDR therapist in private practice for ten years, but thus far have never written a personal blog.

Thus far its been a case of only republished articles by other people from newspapers etc on subjects which interest me and but perhaps high time to start writing my own stuff! 

I guess its all about feeling that I had learned enough to begin to draw on my experience and write something hopefully worthwhile.  Whether or not I have is for anyone who stumbles across the posts to follow and judge for themselves!

A lot has happened in the time I have been practising for any therapist in east london.  Firstly during initial two years I couldn’t persuade anyone to come to my practice and hire me!.  At first I put that down to my advertising, but I guess that in East London at the time a private therapist wasn’t what people were looking for or perhaps afford.

All that began to change I think when the Olympics arrived in Stratford (very close to me) and the whole area began to change and finally people who saw the benefit of counselling began to move in.  Since that time my practice as a therapist in east london has grown and grown and my confidence  has grown with it I hope!

therapist-in-east londonA little about my training.

My original training was a person-centred therapist, but more recently I’ve become so interested in relational therapy that I  now call myself a relational therapist.  I also offer EMDR which has opened up a whole new side of my work as it has enabled me to work with single incident trauma, complex trauma and post-traumatic stress and have a separate site which you can view by clicking here

Many experts believe that for a number of people seeking counselling and therapy, the “talking cure” isn’t enough and whilst talking about things in your past that cause pain and may have caused you to become stuck is helpful in allowing you to cope and relieving some of the stress caused by this incident

EMDR works in a very focussed way help fully process the original event so that you can leave it behind you permanently and begin to look forward to a future free from the painful symptoms of the trauma.

 Whilst it is easy to identify single incident trauma e.g. a single distressing event which was traumatic and overwhelmed you, more complex trauma such as emotional abuse within the family and bullying at school etc, are not always recognised as actual trauma.
I also integrate Hal and Sidra Stone’s “Voice Dialogue” into what I do and will write more about voice dialogue as the weeks progress, particular regarding their understanding of your “inner critic“.

Work related issues for a therapist in East London!therapist in east london

My next article is likely to be on work related issues.  It seems that most of my clients are using therapy to process and discuss work related issues.  It seems that in these competitive times that the workplace has changed.  Whilst younger people seem to take this in their stride (its the only thing they know) this seems to have a greater impact on older workers who are having to adjust to  the changes in the culture, work practices and most of all the expectations of their employer!  Most on this in my next post

 Thanks for reading my first post!
Stuart Alderton is a counsellor/therapist and EMDR therapist for individuals and couples in East London

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